We have been planning this trip ever since a cold February day when we pinned a giant map of the United States to foam core and mounted it on the strangely empty wall in our living room. Really, our plans started even before the map, when we decided as rationally as possible that the smartest thing to do in 2010 pending acceptance into graduate school in the Bay Area would be to: quit our jobs, sell our home, give away our belongings, buy some hiking sandals and a dorky looking roof-top box and fulfill the dream that so many people in this country dream, the American On-the-Road kind of dream, the one of driving and exploring and adventuring across the United States. If you already know Adam and I you will understand that there was no possibility of us doing a trip like this the easy way. A quick drive would not suffice and neither would a few postcards mailed home to friends and family. We wanted our trip to be challenging, active and a way for us have fun, get outside and also explore some important themes. It is our goal to use this web space to document our travels but also to engage our readers in some hot topics issues that we find interesting and important. With images, words and moving pictures we wish to share what we learn about urban and local farming and other movements towards sustainability, efforts we believe are essential for a healthy future in our country and around the world.

Please join us…
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Scarlett writing in Washington DC

Adam taking pictures at Polyface Farms outside Staunton VA