The Lorax


BioFuel Farm farm, located just a few minutes walk from the house where we camped, is located on Lorax Lane, which leads to Piedmont BioFuels, a bio diesel production center or “Eco-industrial Park. They have dedicated the land around their small plant and colorful offices to a farmer, teacher and avid seed collector, who employs our friend Becca and the other paid interns with whom she lives.

The theme of the Lorax is derived from the Dr. Seuss book, The Lorax was published in 1971, around the unofficial beginning of an environmental movement. It tells the tale of the villainous Once-ler and the Lorax’s effort to save a special forest from destruction by an insatiable factory owner.

Today the name is used to describe a company’s effort to produce a cleaner fuel from recyclable materials while providing space for growth and revitalization of local fruits, vegetables and herbs. We got up and in the morning and went to visit.

Becca was away at a farmer’s market that morning, selling a harvest from the day before, but another intern, Stevie took time to show us around the crops and facilities. We were impressed by the intense focus on the farm to save seeds, protecting heirloom varieties and crop diversity. In the center grounds between the offices and the fields, blueberries bushes bore ripe fruit and a row of banana (!) trees blossomed.

Here Adam’s pictures can tell the story:

Lorax Lane

Old farming tractor on Biofarm

Banana tree in NC?

Bio Diesel tank

Canon 5D 180 F4_24-105mm


From the farm we set off for Asheville, hoping to arrive in time to see some bluegrass music in the town center. Along the way we stopped at a flea market (no better way to get a feel for a place!) and took a few more photos. Check out the boxer puppies and night sky in our Still Life section.



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2 responses to “The Lorax

  1. Paul Tilley

    Did you folks try the boiled peanuts?

    My first introduction to these was down in Alabama. A unique taste and consistency but a worthy experience.

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