The Pottsboro Post

Again, this is a past tense blog, as we are still catching up on our travel stories…

Waving goodbye to the lovely Lake Ouachita, we began what we thought would be a concise drive through Western Arkansas and down towards Lake Texoma, which straddles the Texas/Oklahoma border. Many, many hours later, we would arrive in place even hotter than the one we had left to a warm greeting from my friends Kelsey and Zivi, who I had the pleasure to get to know on a trip to Mexico in 2007. Recent Northeastern grads, they are spending the summer helping Kelsey’s family business down in Pottsboro, TX, and were kind enough to invite us to stay a few days at their place beside Lake Texoma.

Thankful for the creature comforts of a family home, we settled in for two days of perfect relaxation. As well as great hosts and good company, Kelsey and Zivi are also avid photographers and bloggers so we were able to compare notes and cameras. Please check out their sweet website here.

For some reason we had hoped that things would get cooler and less buggy as we drove away from whence we had come (In Arkansas, if you can imagine this, there were so many high speed daddy longlegs that we were having trouble keeping them out of our tent, cereal bowls, hair, etc). This naïve hope of reprive was utterly dashed in Pottsboro, though at least we were able to hang our soaking tent up to dry and sleep in some beds!). Kelsey and Zivi actually had a bug zapper inside the house, if that is any testament to the quantity of creatures that were swarming there in the heat. I guess growing up in a temperate zone really did not prepare me for the “real world” down here in the south.

Anyway, despite the two-inch hornets and two billion no-see-ums (like everything in Texas, they are larger than life and should really be called “kind-see-ums”) we had a great time and, appropriately, an all-American time in The Lone Star State. We went to Wal Mart and a Sonic Drive-in, drove jet skies, ate big meals, checked out some Texas Long Horns (the cattle not the athletes) and lounged in crisp air conditioning at all times unless we were in the lake.

Rather a change from our normal lives and definitely a bit of a divergence from our farmer’s market tour, this was all insightful and a well-received change of pace from the rest of our trip. We did inquire after some local produce but, as was also the case in Arkansas, were passing through at the wrong time of the week. We also learned that in the Pottsboro area, fruit and vegetable vendors prefer to stake out and inhabit specific territories and remain there in isolation, instead of gathering in a shared space at any given time. However, K & Z had just come back from a trip to Dallas and according to their report (and pictures), the market culture there is thriving in much the way it was back in Memphis.

Anyway, with no one to hound/interview, we were relived of the responsibilities of our project. Instead, we laid back and did what you are supposed to do at a lake house:

Adam also got to use this time to go out for some good picture taking time with the other photographers. Please check out more from Texas over in our Still Life section.


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  1. So great to spend time with you guys! Glad our stars aligned and everything worked out so well. Safe travels on the rest of your journey 🙂

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