The Rest of Texas

Phew! In a quick effort to get back up to speed (Adam is beating me with his picture updates, so I am going to rush to get back in synch) the rest of Texas is going to come at you in bullet format. Ready?

1. Depart friends K & Z with sense of sadness

2. Break a sweat just walking to the car

3. Drive

4. Drive/ Stop briefly in Wichita to try and update blog but fail

5. Drive

6. Still in Texas after all that driving

7. Catch beautiful golden hour light on backroads into Caprock Canyon area. Are suddenly happy to be driving again

Canon 5D 1250 F 4_17-40mm

8. Arrive in Caprock campgrounds at sunset

Canon 5D 320 F 4_24-105mm

9. Exit car and get DESTROYED by Texas sized mosquitos

10. Hide in tent and read Tom Robbins and John Steinbeck novels

11. Drift off to sleep, get “attacked” by an old friendly dog that we sleepily mistake for a wild boar

12. Sleep little, eat yogurt at dawn

13. Drive

14. Arrive at Cadillac Ranch, outside Amarillo, TX (A roadside attraction)

Cadillac ranch

15. Drive (stil in Texas)

16. Finally cross into New Mexico and new time zone. Suddenly it is 11:30am again

New Mexico

17. Stop for lunch (Road Food fail!)

18. Pull off to switch drivers at bizarre tourist trap

Lord knows I need that many fireworks

19. Take photographs (Another Roadside Attraction)

Scarlett loves the bear

Scarlett has a conversation with the jack-elope

20. FINALLY arrive at highly anticipated 10,000 Waves Spa & Resort in Santa Fe!! Beauty and Relaxation ensue. Soon I will describe this experience in exuberant detail. Stay tuned 🙂

Our view at 10 thousand waves


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