Days 19-22 – Santa Fe, New Mexico

19 July 2010

Judging by the number of days and quantity of pictures we have racked up here in Santa Fe it is probably safe to say that we like it here. Off to an especially good start at 10,000 Waves, we have enjoyed a nice combination of “work” and exploring, which I am going to sum up quick, before we carry on to Colorado tomorrow.

One of the many nice things about 10,000 Waves is that by spending the night we were granted open access to all of the community facilities (tubs, saunas, footbaths, luxury) for the whole following day, even after our noon o’clock check out time.That morning we rose early and, after enjoying breakfast in the sun outside the Airstream, decided to first go quickly into town to check out the Saturday farmer’s market.

Our view at 10 thousand waves

Canon 5D 4000 F 2.8_70-200mm

SF Farmers Market sign

-Wendell Berry

I had learned somewhere down the line that New Mexico has some of the strictest standards for farmer’s markets anywhere in the country. It just so happens they also have one of the most vibrant markets we have experienced so far on our journey. Though we had been told not to expect anything too big, we were overwhelmed when we arrived and soon got lost in the crowd of vendors, shoppers, and musicians. With live cooking demonstrations at one end and an established café at the other, there was ample opportunity for tasting, shopping and interviews.

Santa Fe Farmers market

Performer at the market

Gluten Free

Pesticide free

Eventually we tracked down an older couple, Lisa and Pete, selling homemade chutneys (from all NM ingredients) who were willing to participate in our project. Lisa turned out to be not only a great chutney maker but also a member of the Santa Fe Farmer’s Market Institute Board of Directors, the host of a local radio show called “Farming Through the Seasons”, and the co-author of a recently published book called “Artisan Farming”. Needless to say, she was a great resource and, from behind funky hand painted eyeglasses, gave a splendid interview.


Pete and his glasses

Great Chutney

Quickly, other highlights from the market included raw goat’s milk, a number of stands selling products from youth-centric farming programs and the delicious gluten free muffins Lisa and Pete had baked to sell at the cafe. I mention the milk because getting permission to sell anything unpasteurized in this day and age (at least in this country) is a feat and a half. The farmer, who runs a one-man goat operation, was sleeping in the shade behind his truck, but the kindly woman selling his wares assured me that he had jumped through ever hoop imaginable in order to be selling his milk off-site (usually raw milk farmers are not allowed to sell their product away from the farm, making it difficult to access). Thanks to the sleepy farmer who is helping bring the health and good taste of raw milk back to the public!

After the market, we hurried to check out of the trailer on time and, with the car packed up once more, enjoyed a few hours in the baths. Upon departing 10,000 Waves I realized I had achieved a sense of thorough cleanness for the first time since starting our adventure.

Our plan had been to camp another night in the area, at Hyde Memorial State Park not far from the resort. We learned upon arriving that not only was the site completely full, but so were all the other campgrounds in the area. So much for thinking we could show up in a place like Santa Fe on a summer weekend without reservations! Fate, however, must have been on our side because what happened next far exceeded our expectations.

Thinking we would have to drive away from Santa Fe to find a camping place, we decided to stop by a family friend’s house unannounced (we had their address but no phone number) and say hello and goodbye before carrying on. As luck would have it, not only was our friend’s husband home, but he showed us to their empty vacation rental unit where we are writing from now. They welcomed us to stay and the space for a few days. Thus, our one night in town has turned into three and we are finally getting caught up with all things internet related.

Christie and Michaels

The apt we stayed in

Christie, a long time friend of my parents, and her husband Michael are jewelers and have a gallery nearby a great number of other galleries over on Canyon Road (Santa Fe, we have learned, is where Texan’s with money come to buy fancy things). We stopped by to visit with them there and enjoyed the rest of the day and all of the next poking around town and taking photographs. There are many lovely Santa Fe photos over in our Still Life section.

Christy and Michaels gallery

Interesting Sculpture

Santa Fe sunset

To be continued…


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