Our Thanks to Catharine Uyenoyama

Back in Boston, Adam worked for an independent production company – DGA Productions – for three years. While mainly a post production editor, his role with this family sized company ranged from camera man to coffee boy. Upon his departure from DGA, one of his co-workers presented him (well, us) with an invaluable travel gift. In a display of admirable generosity and insight, Catharine arranged for us to spend a night at Ten Thousand Waves Spa & Resort here in Santa Fe. The spa, a Japanese style bathhouse and quaint resort, is built into the mountains around New Mexico’s historic capital and is absolutely lovely. Catharine herself had stumbled upon the spa on a road trip several years ago and was savvy to a special “room”, which is actually a converted Airstream trailer. This is where we had the great fortune to spend a night, after enjoying the baths and a wonderful massage treatment. We wanted to dedicate this post to Catharine as a way of thanking her for such a splendid treat.

Adam describes Catharine as an endlessly understanding, compassionate and encouraging person and often recalls how she identified him as an avid runner on their very first meeting, a true testament to her insight. In this case too, her judgment was spot on, as we arrived at the spa utterly road weary and left rejuvenated and relaxed.

Here are a few photographs from our time at 10,000 Waves:

The Silver Moon at 10 Thousand Waves

Our view at 10 thousand waves

10 thousand waves sign

Ten thousand thanks to Catharine for our gift and her ongoing support of our projects and plans for the future. Love Adam and Scarlett


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One response to “Our Thanks to Catharine Uyenoyama

  1. bless you. you guys are too kind, too sweet.

    be safe out there and keep in touch OFTEN. i need to know where my wee cubs roam.

    can’t wait to learn more… hear more of your travels and final destination.

    coming your way before you know it!

    (as andy says) “peace in”
    c, a & h

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