Long Overdue Update, Part 1

Time has flown since our last update and we have finally reached the part of this trip where we are having (with great sadness) to cut short many of our goals, including visiting some of the friends and places we have looked forward to seeing for many months. Such is the nature of any adventure, especially when there are so many good people and beautiful places out there in the world. Fortunately, we are still having an amazing time on the road and are looking forward to inundating everyone with new pictures and stories. Today we are starting our updates from Eugene, Oregon.

We left off some time ago promising to write about doing a lot of driving in Washington and Oregon. The route that we ended up choosing took us out of Idaho and onto Oregon’s Eastern highway, where we headed North once more. We stopped for a break in Baker City and, with sixth sense-esk precision, found a tiny farmer’s market within moments of leaving the highway. We bought some fruit and veggies from a handful of Eastern Oregon growers, shared mate in the shade, and then got back to trucking. Our destination that night was Yakima, in Southeastern Washington.

Yakima totes itself boldly as “The Palm Springs of Washington”, and is located in the heart of Washington’s thriving wine country. Driving in we passed thousands of apple trees and grapevines, watching the landscape progress from desert dominated by military activity to rolling agricultural land over the course of about 100 miles.

Having resigned ourselves to driving late into the night, we opted for the convenience (and luxury, let’s not forget) of staying in a hotel in the middle of the city. In contrast, we first ate a late dinner at a taco stand in a laundry mat parking lot. We had heard that this was the place to get Mexican food in Yakima and now can attest that this is true. Amongst heavily tattooed Mexican agricultural workers (who politely advised us to check out hotels in a different part of town) and families doing their washing, we ate some of the most fantastic tacos we have had on this trip. Pleased to chat with us in Spanish, the solo cook, sweating as he churned out plates of tacos, even offered to cook me up a special vegetarian meal, though seemed disappointed I wasn’t in the mood for any tongue or sausage meat.

After an incredible restful night of sleep in the grandeur of our hotel room we took a quick swim, stretched in the grass, and hit the road that would carry us (with a short ferry ride in the middle) all the way to Sequim, WA, on the state’s northern coast. Despite spotty weather and several plan changes, we were able to arrival at the Baritelle household within five minutes of my parents, who had flown in from Oakland in my dad’s Cardinal. At this time our adventure vacation took a turn for the slightly more comfortable and civilized.

Coming up next we drink cups of tea, catch up with family friends and cross the Canadian border for some walks on the beach of Vancouver Island!


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