Long Overdue Update, Part 2

Upon arriving in Sequim we were greeted by family friends Lynn and John Baritelle, former Napa Valley residents (we originally became acquainted in California), who recently retired to a lovely home in the hills that frame the south side of the town. They sat us down for wine and BBQ and filled us in on their latest project, The Bell Street Bakery. Down in town their son Andy is running a bakery that makes dedicated use of the wheat that grows local to the area. An old family friend has taken on the role of head baker and is producing some incredibly fine bread and pastries for the Sequim community.

Canon 5D 400 F4_24-105mm

First thing the next morning (well, after my dad made some coffee in the basement)…..

we piled into Lynn’s car and headed down to Bell Street to sample the wares. Between Bear Claws, corn bread, scones, milky coffee (also from a local distributer) and a hot lentil soup for the gluten-intolerant yours truly, we were all satisfied and impressed with the quick progress this new bakery has made. Adam and I have spent considerable time and energy over the course of this trip investigating farm produce and market culture but this was our first bakery that is dedicated to using local grain. We hope to write more about the deep importance of this effort in future posts.

Canon 5D 1000 F 4_24-105mm

Lynn also took us that morning to a thriving fresh market nearby where we stocked up on a few supplies before heading home, packing our things, and rushing to beat the weather to the airport.

Canon 5D 1000 F 2.8_70-200mm

My dad, Roy, is a small plane pilot and flies without instrument rating. In laymen’s terms this more or less means, if you can’t see, you can’t go. It also means that travel plans must be kept malleable at all times. Opportunities for clear take-off and landing often come in small windows, especially on the foggy Pacific coast. Such was the case this day so when we saw the fog clearing we said a hasty goodbye to the Baritelles, stashed our belongings in their guest rooms and hit the airways towards Vancouver Island.

Canon 5D 1000 F 4_24-105mm


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