Winding Down: Ocean Beach, WA to Portland, OR

As you might have gathered from earlier posts, the end of our trip and the beginning of our news lives here in Oakland kind of blurred together into a rush of driving and activity. Today we are updating from Berkeley, CA, where we are staying with my family for a few days as we move into our under-construction home over in Maxwell Park (which hopefully will have a toilet by the end of the week!).

However, despite the fact that we are here, the Subaru is strangely empty, and all kinds of new things are coming at us, we would still like to follow through with the story of our drive.

I left off last time at the end of our hike in the Olympics and the drive we took from there to Ocean Park, WA. Due to the fact that we started our journey in the evening, stopped to eat a belated dinner in a sleepy roadside restaurant, and were fatigued from the day’s 18-mile hike, this particular drive was a challenging one. It was also longer than we had hoped it would be, which has been the case with more or less every stretch of highway since we arrived in the west.

In the end we reached Andy’s beach house in the wee-hours, after a somewhat creepy drive through the dark and coastal fog. It was approaching midnight when we realized it was Friday the 13th, that we were alone on a winding road, and in reality had no idea where we were headed. Oh, how the sleepy imagination can run wild.

Fortunately, no mishaps were in store for us, and after a very well deserved shower each, we felt into a deep sleep until the morning. We got up, began the process of washing our pile of hike-soiled clothing, and headed into the town for some groceries and a look around Ocean Park. Unfortunately, our stay was limited to the morning. With the calendar staring us in the face and all of Oregon still on our map, we decided to carry on with no further ado. Andy arrived as we were packing and suggested we check out the Saturday market in Ilwaco, a port town at the base of the peninsula. Here are some photographs to tell the tale:

From there, we happily passed over into Oregon, debating as we drove whether to go due south along the coast or head to Portland and take the faster but less beautiful Interstate 5. A phone call from family friends Michael and Celina Russell, in Portland, and the prospect of Sunday drivers on the coast made the decision for us and we cut across to Portland that afternoon.

Up next, a weekend of eating, biking, and playing hearts with Michael and Celina!


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