Between the web address for our page, the title of this blog, and the words of wisdom floating around as quotes, some may notice an undeniable theme and possible infringement of copyright law on our website. We just could not resist paying tribute to author and auteur Mr. Tom Robbins. For years we have turned to his literature to fulfill a yearning for clever writing and vibrant, day dreamy imagery. Mr. Robbins provides us with literary escapism as well as ample and important food for thought. In fact, we have taken some of his lessons to heart. Though without giant thumbs, a witch doctor curse, eternal life or a bent for pyramid destruction, we feel our adventure is still worthy of all the gaudy language (and bright images) we can muster. We thank Tom Robbins for his strange inspiration and hope he does not take offense in any way to this humble tribute. May we be but a fraction as prolific. Wahoo!